Cancer Fear

“Hi Leigh,

Thank you for your prompt appointment and your help with my health issues recently. I have had a very positive outcome to the Thyroid Cancer issue with the surgeon only taking the 1/2 of the thyroid gland and part of the centre that were affected together with some of the Lymph nodes in the neck (lymph nodes were all clear). There was the prospect of having to have further surgery 5-10 days after the initial but, happily; on my post op check he recommended a 6 monthly monitoring system instead.

It is such an awesome feeling from that of 3 weeks ago, with a threat of more invasive surgery to this relatively simple procedure and no more surgery in the near future.

Using your CD and techniques I believe I was able to control my fear, think of this situation as a learning curve and to look into the future positively.

Once I am over the recovery period I would like to come back to see you and explore the other areas of need to help me keep myself health and happy.

Once again Thank you for your help and I look forward to seeing you soon.”

L. Burch, Teacher