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About Leigh Milne

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About Leigh


Leigh Milne is a Hypno-Psychotherapist, Psychosomatic Sexologist Mind-Body Medicine Coach.

Leigh has a special interest in sexuality, weight loss, and longevity.

Leigh helps women that don’t respond to traditional medical or psychological intervention,  who are stuck…off track…stressed, emotionally overwhelmed, unhealthy, overweight, in pain, suffering, shut-down sexually and emotionally.

Leigh empowers women to get back on track to overcome weight issues, addictive behaviours, stress, anxiety, emotional, mental & physical scars associated with sexual trauma, upsetting sexual experiences difficulties in childbirth, gynaecological intervention & body dysmorphia. She helps women restore & enhance their self- esteem, health, happiness and sensual potential so they can heighten their pleasure and improve the intimacy in their relationships.

Leigh’s work involves psychosomatic emotional release therapy, sexual embodiment coaching and education, scar tissue remediation, breathwork mindfulness and holistic therapies. Leigh helps women to restore sensate arousal, and re-connection to self so that they can overcome fears and insecurities and feel confident and safe to be their authentic feminine self.

With over 25 years’ experience in mind-body medicine, a background in pathology, paramedicine, holistic bodywork, dermal therapy, psychology, somatic sexology, and advanced hypno-psychotherapy involving mental health, trauma, weight loss and transpersonal therapy. Leigh is available for group, couples and individual sessions with or without doctor, specialist or allied health referral.

In addition to private clients, Leigh provides stress management health promotion group workshops and individual sessions for corporate clients teaching skills to overcome stress/anxiety issues attributed to workplace incidents and negative workplace relationships.

Leigh draws most of her knowledge and experience from the following: Psychology (Edith Cowan University & Murdoch University), Sexology (Curtin University) Sexological Bodywork (Institute Somatic Sexology), Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Transpersonal therapy (institute Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy), Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy; Positive Psychology; Food & Spirit ™ principles, Tantric couples therapy (Australian School of Tantra) Dermal therapy (AACDS), Aromatherapy & other holistic modalities