Cricketer Needing Confidence

“Having had a run of seasons with no luck with the bat I was getting more and more frustrated with cricket; so much so that I lost both confidence and enjoyment. Batting shots that would usually come naturally to me were nowhere to be seen and I was stuck in a defensive rut. A friend of mine who played Country cricket in England said that he had gone through the same and I should try sports-hypnotherapy. I found Leigh on the web and after just one session with her I can state how well she addressed the underlying issues and dealt with the insecurities about batting. From that session on, when it came to batting and bowling, I followed her advice and techniques and felt really comfortable in the middle; completely different and much more confident. The difference was very comforting and very positive. We bowled first and I bowled 8 overs and any insecurities about bowling had disappeared- I bowled the best that I had for years. I felt this same confidence and comfort when I had to bat. Again I used the techniques she had given me and felt as though the few balls that I faced were harmless and were never going to get me out. If we had more Batsmen, or I was higher up the batting order, I’d still be there. Who knows? I may have even given up without Leigh’s brilliant techniques. And for that, I thank you!”