Fear of Flying

“I made the call to your office because I had lived with a totally irrational fear of flying, this I had lived with for some years, with it starting to affect my career, something had to change….. After a lengthy discussion on the phone my scepticism, turned to curiosity, during the session I wondered if was fully understanding the work you did, following the session I felt strangely a little emotional. The days following the work you did, I drifted in and out of confidence of it working- But booked to fly to a remote mine site (in very bad weather as it turned out). Three times our little nine seater plane tried to land before heading home. But I did it! I am now booked to fly to Perth this week also, a trip I would always have made by car! The next problem is deciding where to go on holiday, South America, South Africa and New Zealand are all calling! Thanks Leigh, you have an amazing talent, and would very highly recommend you to others.”

Steve. Manager