Hypnotherapy, meditation and a holistic mind body medicine approach to reduce ageing.

Research that shows functional hypnosis, mindfulness meditation, and somatic embodiment provides the perfect avenue to address mind-body issues attributed to stress. Stress is a major factor in telomere shortening, which causes ageing in our body. Most of us are exposed to high stress, fast paced environments in our daily living. Hypnotherapy, somatic embodiment and mindfulness meditation have been found to be quick and highly effective methods of reducing stress and changing unhealthy thoughts, behaviours and lifestyle habits in a short amount of time

Research into chronic stress has shown that: STRESS is a prime factor in more than 75% of medical conditions. STRESS ages you biologically, mentally and physically. Cortisol is released in the fight or flight response, when you become stressed. When we are constantly exposed to STRESS and anxiety, whether it is real or imagined, your health and wellbeing become compromised.

STRESS hinders your ability to lose weight, especially around the ‘middle’.762370_orig

STRESS makes you crave sugar, carbohydrates and addictive substances

STRESS weakens your energy levels

STRESS interrupts healthy sleep

STRESS lowers your immunity

STRESS causes poor digestion and inflammation

STRESS leads to disease

STRESS accelerates wrinkle formation

STRESS inhibits the body’s ability to repair wrinkles

STRESS breaks down muscle tone

STRESS causes skin dehydration

What causes ageing and how can we slow and reverse it?

Researchers have pinpointed several factors that can accelerate telomere shortening – faulty genes and chronic stress. A growing body of evidence also suggests a poor lifestyle contributes to telomere decline. (http://www.smh.com.au/technology/sci-tech/telomeres–the-invisible-elixir-of-youth-20140801-zz7b5.html)

Telomeres are structures at the end of our chromosomes that shorten every time a human cell divides. The length of an individual’s telomeres is closely associated with their biological age, and research suggests that control of telomere length has the potential to treat many diseases associated with aging, and possibly to allow humans to live at a physiologically “young” age beyond the current theoretical maximum human lifespan of 125 years. Aging is only the process of cells becoming damaged. Then when that damaged cell divides and makes new cells we are left with exact copies of the damaged cell. So our skin loses its elasticity, our muscles and bones become weaker and our organs don’t function at their optimum. This is all that aging is. Not only can it be slowed but it can be reversed.

Repairing our cells and stimulating growth of new healthier cells faster than the damaged cells will reverse the aging process. Our skin will have its youthful look, we will regain muscle tone and bone density, and our glands and organs will function as they did when we were younger. Healthier organs and glands is what will give us back our energy and vitality.

Everyday thousands of DNA strands are broken or damaged in some way. Our body has several ways of repairing these strands keeping our cells healthy. But when we are stressed, not eating well, become injured and especially injured repeatedly, our bodies are either not able to repair the strands as usual or our bodies are not able to keep up with the number of damaged strands. Thus we age.

Australian molecular biologist Elizabeth Blackburn, announced that a healthy lifestyle, comprising regular sleep, exercise and a balanced diet, could offset ageing inside the body’s cells. Research continues to reveal that Hypnotherapy, somatic embodiment and Mindfulness meditation, have been found to be quick and highly effective methods of reducing stress and changing unhealthy thoughts, behaviours and lifestyle habits in a short amount of time.