Body Dysmorphia & Low Self-esteem 4-6 sessions

Body Dysmorphia & low self-esteem 4-6 sessions 

Wouldn’t you like to love and accept yourself …. warts and all?  This Transformation program is designed to allow you to celebrate your uniqueness. It is an age where ‘selfies’ and looking ‘just right’ on social media rules and constantly comparing ourselves to others and feeling ‘less than’ is prevalent. Perhaps you are obsessed with the appearance of your body and feel like disengaging from social activities or life in general, because you don’t feel like you are good or perfect enough. Or perhaps you are completely consumed with thoughts, behaviours and activities to display or ‘create the so-called perfection that you perceive is necessary for you to feel good enough, slim enough, normal enough or acceptable enough. Body dysmorphia can happen to people with what others would consider to be a perfect aesthetically appealing appearance. Muscle dysmorphia tends to be more common in men but none the less debilitating psychologically, and can lead to devastating steroid addiction….in order to achieve the perfect body.

I am always amazed at how many women think their genital configuration is abnormal, ugly, repulsive, because it does not conform to the stereotypical genital configuration on pornographic videos, or because they have been shamed by cultural or family views about the appearance and function of female genitals

No matter what part of your body you have disowned…loathe or are obsessed with, this transformation program will help you eradicate limiting unhealthy, toxic beliefs about your body and its functions. It will help you learn body awareness, to reconnect to your body wisdom and to your heart, where you can learn to love, nurture and accept all parts of you again so you can get your life back on track.

4-6 sessions recommended