Chronic PAIN Transformation Program 4-6 sessions

Safe and Effective treatment of persistent Pain, physical and/or emotional
4-6 Sessions spread over 4-6 weeks 

• No additional medication
• Long term relief

• Substantial reduction in Depressive mood, anxiety and stress
• Significant improvement in restful sleep
• Re-structuring of unhelpful thoughts

Releasing unresolved painful / upsetting emotional scars that have been sabotaging your success and your ability to engage fully in life.

• Taking back control and empowerment of your self

Learn how to use tools such as:  breath, visualisation, self-soothing and mindfulness to get back in control

Pain-Management-Therapeutics-MarketCONDITIONS TREATED
• Routine stress-related headaches (70-90% of people have them!)
• Chronic Headaches (15-20% of people have Migraines and/or Cluster headaches )
• Low Lumbar back pain (80% have this at some point in their lives –up to 30% have it all the time!)
• Neck and shoulder Pain (25% have this –particularly when older)
• Neuropathy Pain (occurs in 70% of the elderly)
• Chronic Pain (motor vehicle accidents, falling (eg: Parkinsons), post-surgery, Cancer and Cancer treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy pain)
• Fibromyalgia syndrome (2-5% of the population)
• Intestinal Bowel Syndrome (1 in 5 adults in Australia )
• Arthritic Pain
• Phantom Limb Pain
• Emotional Pain (Grief, Loss, Separation, Guilt, Responsibility, loneliness, rejection)

Treatment of Persistent Pain

Unrelieved pain causes considerable suffering, emotional distress and imposes physical limitations. It is one of the most common reasons for seeking medical care but often persists despite treatment with analgesics and physical modalities.
If you have persistent pain and perhaps take pain relieving medication more than a few times a week you need to speak with your Doctor about that pain and appropriate treatment.

One treatment that you might consider is a combination of Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and Therapeutic Hypnosis , a combination that is referred to as Enhanced CBT (eCBT).
1089509_orig-smallThis treatment must be conducted by a Professional trained in eCBT and comprises a small number of communication sessions (3-6 usually) and the production of 2 or 3 mp3’s  dedicated to your particular problems. These mp3’s are for personal use at home and consistent repetition of the carefully structured suggestions and incorporating breath, mindfulness, self-soothing will assist you to write new Neural pathways in the pain management areas of your brain.

Evidence-based Therapy
Over the last 5 years or so there have been a number of controlled trials of CBT and Therapeutic Hypnosis for the treatment of persistent pain (see internet reference below). The results of these trials indicate that these interventions consistently produce significant decreases in pain associated with a whole spectrum of persistent pain problems.

“There is NO PAIN until it reaches the Brain!”
This is because the Brain interprets the in-coming Pain signals and this interpretation is guided by previous experience. During your eCBT sessions this interpretation can be changed to a more benevolent one of considerably reduced pain and this in turn can be reinforced by personal use of the mp3s supplied.

CBT enhanced by the use of the structured language of Therapeutic Hypnosis results in significant reductions in perceived pain (physical and emotional).

Somatic embodiment tools such as: breath, mindfulness, self-soothing to get back in control

The techniques are applicable to a wide spectrum of pain difficulties.
The actual treatment involves no more than 3—6 communications sessions and the consistent use of the Therapeutic mp3s supplied.
There is no additional medication involved and in many cases existing medication may be reduced.