Mindfulness Meditation

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“It is a commonly held view that meditation is a way to shut off the pressures of the world or of your own mind, but this is not an accurate impression. Meditation is neither shutting things out or off. It is seeing clearly, and positioning yourself differently in relation to them”. Dr Jon Kabat –Zinn

Leigh teaches mindfulness to help clients become aware of the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. It is not about excluding your experience in that moment, it is about including every part of it by observing your thoughts, emotions, body sensations and feelings from a distance, without judging. Leigh finds it particularly helpful to teach clients suffering from chronic, stress, anxiety, depression, food and eating issues how to use mindfulness to help them deal with everyday life.

What is the difference between hypno-psychotherapy & mindfulness meditation? In a ‘nutshell’ Hypno-psychotherapy clears your personal space . Mindfulness meditation keeps your personal space clear.

In hypnosis, you give the therapist authority to guide your thoughts and mental behavior, Whereas in meditation, you aim to be completely mindful of the object of meditation by using your conscious will.

In hypnosis, you give the therapist authority to guide your thoughts and mental behavior, so that you may access areas that are causing you problems without the usual resistance and interference that occurs when you are trying to analyze a solution to the problems yourself. Once the cause is identified, the therapist assists you using various psychotherapeutic techniques to change negative behavior and thinking to a positive outcome. Once this is achieved, anywhere between 1-12 sessions, then the ongoing mindfulness meditation practice is strongly advised.

Most people suffering stress, anxiety, trauma and depression find great difficult y in getting acquainted with meditation, as they are so busy thinking about the past, present or possible future dilemma, so that they cannot stay focused and mindful of the current object of meditation. That is why undergoing hypno-psychotherapy first is so beneficial because it is so ‘clearing’. Once ‘cleared’, meditation allows you to continue to see ‘clearly’ so that you may ‘position yourself differently in relation to your problems.

Mindfulness meditation is taught during your sessions, so you will be completely familiar with the practice during your therapy.

If you would like to learn mindfulness as a therapy on it’s own without hypno-psychotherapy, you can do individual sessions with Leigh or join a group when they are being run.