Quit Smoking Program 3 sessions

2 SESSIONS required

The Quit Smoking program is designed to change your attitude to smoking so that it is something you wouldn’t even consider doing anymore….It is not designed as a quick fix magic button. You WILL need to make simple changes and be responsible for them (which I teach during the session).

People think hypnosis is magical or mystical and that they can’t Quit Smoking because they cannot be hypnotized….if you smoke then you have already put yourself into trance many many times before !!!

3 things are necessary for hypnosis (trance) to happen: Belief; Emotion; Repetition.

Belief – “Well…lots of people smoke, and it’s not illegal, so it must be okay to do, especially as I’ve seen on TV those people who smoke, drive fast cars, and live exciting lives”. Uncle Bob did it, and he lived till 110″, etc….

Emotion – smoking is cool, tough, relaxing, stress relief, something nice you do with drinking, etc…

Repetition – first thing in the morning, with a coffee, break time, lunch time after a meal, with a drink, etc…

In order to keep on smoking….you would have to have certain emotions and beliefs combined with repetition to make it acceptable to continue. My job is to disrupt that whole pattern so that you no longer find it acceptable or relevant and you have other healthy repetitive behaviours that you can use instead.

Stop Smoking Mind ModelI teach people, that the nicotine is irrelevant…..it all about the association….doing one thing with another thing so often that it becomes an automatic habit…..that is no longer in your conscious control but being controlled by the unconscious.

Hypnotherapy works so well to help you to quit smoking because the unconscious part of the brain can be quickly and easily accessed in trance and permanent changes made.

You will find that during your session I simply re-pattern your thinking….there is no magical mystical hocus pocus…stage show hypnosis performance….just a simple process that you easily master because you have outgrown the old way of thinking about smoking and are no longer under any misguided illusion about smoking.

Being a non-smoker is easy, once all parts of your mind are in agreement to make the decision to be a non-smoker. Hypnosis gives you access to your subconscious mind so you can get all parts of your mind working together towards what you really want (to be a permanent non-smoker). Hypnosis is safe and effective with no unwanted side effects. Imagine yourself as a happy healthy non-smoker with all the benefits that this entails