Sensuality & Vitality Anti-Ageing Sexual Embodiment Mind Body Medicine Transformation

This is a Mind Body Spirit Anti-Ageing Sexual, Sensual Embodiment Transformation Program that delves into the physical body, conscious, unconscious & superconscious, chakras, etheric, and soul level. You will address a whole range of issues that other women constantly see me to get help for. It is affordable, respectful, dynamic, nurturing, enlightening, uplifting, uniting, revealing, meaningful, sensual, empowering, life-changing 

.….weight loss, healthy eating, motivation for exercise, getting organised and focused, sensuality, orgasmicity, self-love and self-care, being assertive, confident and standing your ground, overcoming stress and anxiety, connection with your body and your emotions, your feminine presence and power….and so much more. We will also have lots of fun exploring the benefits of yoni eggs, yoni wands and yoni steaming. If you have been watching Gwenyth Paltrow on social media, she has been espousing the benefits of steaming her yoni!!

In how many ways are you feeling off track…stuck, unable to get back in control of many areas of your life right now?

How much are you suffering from or indulging in….unhealthy eating, lack of exercise,  saying yes when you mean no, people pleasing, addictive habits and behaviours, chronic stress, anxiety and pain, self loathing, lack of confidence, inability to stand up for yourself around toxic narcissistic, controlling people, unable to get organised, sabotaging your financial, career or business success, low libido, unable to connect intimately with your lover, in pain, suffering, being a control freak, feeling unworthy, numb, lost or….empty etc…?

Sensuality & Vitality Anti-Ageing Sexological Embodiment Mind Body Medicine Transformation 6 month program 
Group sessions spread  over 6 months  on a weekend each session is 5 hours)

Workshop is jammed packed full of Mind Body Medicine Embodiment tools, techniques and exercises blended together to address many areas of your mental, emotional and spiritual self.

You will experience hypno-psychotherapy, Virtual Gastric Banding, Neurolinguistic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Soothing Techniques, Parts Therapy, Time Line Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Inner Child Work, Mindfulness, Meditation, Visualisation, Breathwork, Food & Spirit Chakra Analysis, DNA activation, Womb & Yoni breathing and cleansing, Wheel of Consent and Boundary work, Chakra Cleansing, Tantric breath and bodywork exercises, Sexological education, Orgasmic Yoga, Embodiment & Erotic Blueprint and Pleasure Zone exercises, Emotions & Shadow Work, Kundalini & Vibrational energy medicine. Aromatherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Yoni egg & wand instruction. Yoni Steaming instruction. Yoga Mudras.

You will learn & experience:

  • The stress response and how prolonged stress unresolved trauma, and unpleasant sexual experiences can lead to addictions, weight issues, loss of libido, sexual difficulties, anxiety, ill health, and ageing.
  • How to use a yoni wand for de-armouring, emotional release, pleasure and more
  • How to use a yoni egg for strengthening & toning the pelvic floor for enhanced orgasmicity, emotional wellbeing and health benefits.
  • How to use specific movements and sexual positions to release emotions, move blockages and supercharge orgasmicity
  • How to use sound and vibration to release blocks, trapped energy and increase orgasmicity
  • How to use downregulation breaths to calm and stay in control
  • How to use up-regulation breaths to excite and move sensual potential
  • How to squeeze and use your ‘PC muscle to heighten pleasure
  • Why daily self-pleasuring is so important to your health and wellbeing.
  • Learn the Food and Spirit Chakra System
  • Find out where your chakra is blocked, over functioning or under-functioning
  • Learn how to clear chakra blockages
  • Learn how to use Mudras to balance and harmonise your state of mind, mood and body
  • learn how to use mindfulness to change eating behaviour.
  • learn self-hypnosis to integrate positive suggestions you would like to create for yourself
  • Use timeline and past life therapy to find any limiting beliefs, abundance blocks and unresolved issues about food, eating, your body, your sexuality your purpose.
  • Use Inner Child work to heal limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your success
  • Learn about the Sacred Geometry principles that activate your DNA for anti-ageing benefits
  • Learn self-hypnosis, breathing and self-soothing techniques to stimulate and tone the vagus nerve to get out of your head and into your body
  • Learn about Embodiment so you can be aware, mindfully responding to life healthily, resiliently, purposefully, instead of reacting mindlessly, unhealthily.
  • Learn about pleasure zones and how to scale them.
  • Learn about your SENSES and how to amplify them
  • Learn about your FEELINGS & EMOTIONS. How to recognize them, accept them and sit with them
  • Learn about CONSENT. Giving, taking, serving receiving and allowing.
  • Learn mindfulness awareness so you can witness thoughts, emotions and notice areas of tension in your body.
  • Learn how to use sound to move pleasurable sensations around your body
  • Learn Progressive muscle relaxation to melt away stress
  • Learn some Sexy Essential Oil Scents and body products you can make yourself at home for a deliciously smooth, supple, sexy, sensual, enticing body.
  • Learn about the erogenous zones and what you can do to stimulate & excite them
  • Learn some hints and tips on how to prepare and set the mood for a sensual, erotic, aphrodisiac, body, food & boudoir
  • Learn how to have deep cervical orgasms
  • Learn how to be multiorgasmic
  • Learn about genital strokes for variety and pleasure
  • Learn about breast massage for health, nurturing and pleasure
  • Learn how to connect deeply and profoundly with yourself and others
  • Learn to put yourself in a safe space in an instant.
  • learn to trust your feminine essence
  • learn to stop comparing yourself to others as you learn to love and accept your body, mind, and soul
  • Learn how to stand in your feminine power authentically embodied….saying what you mean and meaning what you say assertively, confidently and calmly
  • You will have yummy homework to do between sessions
  • You will have a workbook to fill in, to journal your progress and write notes
  • You will have cheat sheets and pdf’s  to refer to
  • You will have audio recordings to listen to, to reinforce your learning
  • You will have some video recordings to refer to
  • You will have private members-only Facebook group to empower and support each other, share healthy recipes, erotic and everyday insights, epiphanies, positive experiences while undergoing your transformation

Who can do the Workshop?

  • Workshop is for women done in a small group setting

What type of sessions can I have?

    • Your Own EXCLUSIVE GROUP:    If you have your own exclusive group of women who would like me to come and instruct them at your location (or mine) with a regular time that suits your private group, please contact me to arrange a booking [email protected], 0421793422 (Australia). (A small fee may apply for travel expenses depending on location). Minimum of 4 participants.

If you have unresolved trauma from past sexual abuse, miscarriage, termination, childbirth, medical intervention you will need to see me for a private session first. Depending on the issue, you may still be able to join the group once your issue has been resolved with me first.

You will get a lot of benefit from doing group sessions. There is much benefit in sharing your journey with other women. This workshop is about empowering you to step out of your comfort zone into your learning zone, where you will experience more development and growth. It is a very supportive environment where you gain as much from the experience of witnessing and holding space for others as they gain from you. It fosters and encourages the fundamental aspect of kinship, connection and emotional support which is so lacking for women in our modern society where masculine traits of competitiveness, toughness, and passive aggression in the guise of bitchiness and backstabbing, and where withholding our true feelings, our needs, our desires and people pleasing are all too prevalent.

Who should do this Transformation Embodiment Workshop?:

  • Any woman who wants to empower herself to get the most out of her life.
  • Any woman who is off track in her life
  • Any woman who is using unhealthy food, eating, substances or behaviours as a solution for dealing with chronic stress and unresolved ‘stuff’ in her life
  • Any woman who wants increased vaginal sensitivity and awakened sexual energy
  • Any woman who has uterine, bladder and vaginal prolapse, loss of bladder control/incontinence
  • Any woman wanting to recover from the hurt, pain rejection, lies, damage, of a toxic relationship
  • Any woman who wants to tones vaginal muscles pre- and post-childbirth – making for easier childbirth and recovery
  • Any woman who wants to repair any damaged nerve endings sustained during childbirth
  • Any woman who wants to release & clear emotional blockages associated with any sexual trauma – abuse, miscarriage, abortion or even a difficult childbirth
  • Any woman who wants to increases orgasmic pleasure for her and her lover.
  • Any woman who wants to create more intimacy & connection with herself and her lover
  • Any woman who wants deeper, more intense and more frequent orgasms
  • Any woman who wants tighter and more control of vaginal muscles to give more pleasure to her lover
  • Any woman who wants to increase vaginal lubrication
  • Any woman who wants to ease PMS & symptoms of menopause
  • Any woman who wants to harmonise any imbalances of the body
  • Any woman who wants to learn Anti-aging techniques that reduce stress,  slow down the shortening of telomeres involved in the ageing process, enhancing longevity, creating a natural radiant youthful appearance.
  • Any woman who wants to experience Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis to reduce the portion size of the food so that she eats only when she is genuinely hungry…fully aware and in control of when to stop eating.
  • Any woman who wants to see healthy food as medicine… be respected, relished and revered
  • Any woman who wants to be attracted to healthy nutritious food and lose the desire for unhealthy, high-calorie food.
  • Any woman who wants to bounce out of bed feeling rejuvenated and energised, looking forward to the day so she can actively engage in life and the people around her with passion, focus and confidence
  • Any woman who wants to feel more chi/life force energy, vitality, creativity, passion and libido
  • Any woman who wants to reawaken and cultivate divine feminine sexual & sensual energy
  • Any woman who wants to feel confident and comfortable being themselves and expressing, accepting and claiming their emotions, needs, wants and desires.
  • Any woman who wants to get over rejection, abandonment and dating disasters so she can trust and open her heart to love herself and others again
  • Any woman who wants to stop finding fault in herself, and fall in love with her body warts and all!
  • Any woman who wants to learn how to instantly calm down, relax, be resilient, de-stress herself
  • Any woman who wants to feel motivated, organised, focused on track, eating healthily, exercising, taking care of her health and wellbeing
  • Any woman who wants to feel calm and confident about saying ‘NO’ or ‘YES’ when she needs to

When can I do the workshop?

  • The workshop is done over a 6 month period.
  • PRIVATE:  session clients can start their transformation journey now at any available appointment times displayed on the calendar during the week or weekend. Some private sessions can be done via Zoom, audio and video recording if you can’t make it to your appointment.

GROUP WORKSHOP:  clients can start their group transformation journey please register your interest for the next available group sessions.

  • WEEKEND:  one 5 hour session one Saturday per month  for 6 months  (6 x 5 hour sessions)


  • ONLINE:  the online version of this transformation program will be available soon. please register your interest by contacting me [email protected]


  • EXCLUSIVE GROUP:  If you have your own exclusive group of women who would like me to come and instruct them at your location or regular time that suits your private group, please contact me to arrange a booking [email protected], 0421793422 (Australia). (A small fee may apply for travel expenses depending on location). Minimum of 4 people for group booking.



MONTHLY Group sessions (meeting once a month = 5hrs x 6 Saturdays = 30hrs )

Upfront 1 payment $1440  (save $290)


monthly payment 290 each session  (x 6 = $1740)