Past and between life therapy

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A new form of therapy is becoming more popular, even among qualified psychologists and psychotherapists, which is called Past Life Regression Therapy (PLT). The reasons for the increasing use of PLT are many, but the two foremost are that more and more people in the Western world now believe in some kind of previous life and the other is that this form of therapy has proven to give very successful results.

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Clients with negative family patterns have, for example, become free from dysfunctional behaviour after experiencing a life where these patterns have been made obvious. They can see how they are profoundly affected by relations from a previous life. To forgive and be reconciled with yourself is not always easy but with a life perspective stretched over several lives it almost is automatically done.

Past Life Therapy can be done in myriad of ways. One way being to follow a symptom through many lives. You could find that a client who cannot lose weight despite all circumstances being normal with regard to hormones, health and exercise, may find a past life of complete deprivation and starvation that has impacted so intensely on the spirit, that they have brought the wounding through into this life time.

Helping the client to see the lesson of the situation, and repairing the damage in that life time can put it to rest, so the client can have a better relationship with food and eating in this lifetime. Likewise, a client having incurable migraines, had a head injury in a past life. The re-experiencing of that injury and its emotions and insights can often hinder the re-occurrence of these migraines.

Between life therapy allows the client to leave their death in a past life, and transition to the higher echelon, the waiting and repairing space between lifetimes. Here a soul can get real insight and clarity on their soul energy and purpose and perhaps meet up with their soul groups. Sometimes it is much easier for clients to understand their life lessons and soul purpose from this higher perspective.

Dr. Brian Weiss has, as has many before him, successfully treated thousands of clients in the US. One can also, as Dr. Thorwald Dietlefsen in Germany, follow the symptoms through several lives to ascertain what the client wants to tell himself through his symptoms. It is inevitable that subjects such as guilt and responsibility will be touched upon – serious questions but also indescribably comforting to have sorted out. This is real self-insight!

The path to this liberating self-insight also leads to numerous other positive results, one such being the minimization of the fear of death. Because you experience the continuation of life and that death is simply a transition from one way of living to another, or put in other words, simply a change of bodies similar to a change of clothing, death ceases to be a scary occurrence.

No matter how skeptical you are regarding past life, Past Life and Between Life Therapy works and in many cases it works even superbly well and it is successfully used also by therapists who are personally skeptical to the theory of reincarnation. Frankly speaking, who cares if a “past life” is a re-structuring of a real past existence or some other phenomenon? We want results! The client who becomes free from angst, phobia or migraine rarely cares which method is used – what’s important is that it works.

The conclusion is that we are remotely controlled by memories, emotions and experiences from past lives more often than we think. Every parent who has seen his child’s personality soon after birth knows that a child is not born into this world as an unwritten page. How are we to understand child geniuses such as Mozart who composed elaborate music even before he could walk?

Client’s undergoing Past Life Therapy will be asked insightful questions, to investigate their attitude to being born into this present life, and will realize for themselves what they need to attain their full potential.

When you regress a client to a past life he will unfailingly enter a state of altered consciousness. Many practitioners offering past-life sessions simply are not aware of this, with the unfortunate result that regression therapy all too often is done by therapists who have insufficient training in altered state of consciousness – a situation that is from all points of view unsatisfactory.

SSEAH’s PLT training is thorough and professional as it involves many years of experience of doing therapy with the clients in an altered state of consciousness. My Diploma as a Past Life Therapist guarantees the public that I am a practitioner of sound knowledge.

A PLT / BLT Session one takes 1 hour. Session two takes 2 hours.