What Treatment Do I Choose? Can I Design my Own?

I believe long-term unresolved issues are best served by an intensive mind, body, medicine approach that incorporates cognitive, behavioural & psychosomatic embodiment intervention to target the conscious & subconscious mind/body to change and strengthen neural pathways that give powerful long-term results.

For that reason, I have developed specialised TRANSFORMATION programs targeted at addressing these long-term unresolved issues using a combination of hypno-psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, neurolinguistic programming, somatic sexological education and embodiment techniques, breathwork, tantra, scar tissue remediation, mind body medicine, and eastern and western holistic therapies aimed at the permanent resolution of the issue.

I address a range of Mind / Body issues and offer recommended transformation programs such as the issues below. The Transformation programs displayed are only a guide of the most common issues that clients see me for. ALL of your life experiences are unique to you, so your transformation sessions will reflect that.  If you are really not sure exactly what you need, and want to design your own transformation program, I welcome you to email me [email protected] or take advantage of the offer to chat with me via zoom FREE for 15 minutes https://calendly.com/leigh-milne22/15min    so I can determine if face to face or online transformation sessions with me is the best way to serve you. If so, I will inform you of the cost and number of sessions that I recommend you will need to give you the best outcome for your transformation

I offer 2 Treatment options: 

1. Face to Face Psychosomatic Sexology Mind Body Medicine Transformation Sessions with me in person, in Perth, Western Australia in addition to audio recordings, workbooks and homework to do.


2. Online Psychosomatic Sexology Mind Body Medicine Transformation Sessions ONLINE via Zoom live video, in addition to video recordings, audio recordings, workbooks and homework to do

I have a special interest in sexuality, weight loss and longevity. I love to research how long-term unresolved issues such as stress, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and emotions unresolved trauma and sexual issues manifest as food and eating problems, addictions, aches, pains, illness, cancer, disease, lifestyle problems, and premature ageing of the physical body.

You will notice that I really like to promote mindfulness, meditation, vagus nerve toning, exercise, nutrition, embodiment practices, sex, orgasm and sensory pleasure as a remedy for stress, anxiety, and weight problems.

If you have read my ebook Guide, you will discover how the release of endorphins and feel-good chemicals such as Oxytocin & Dopamine during exercise, meditation, mindfulness, vagus nerve toning exercises, breathwork, sensory pleasure and orgasm, provide natural health benefits that combat the damage to our body from stress hormones, improve our happiness, intimacy, wellbeing and increase our longevity.

Life SUCKS sometimes…and so can SEX

But you can easily learn to be resilient and respond in a healthy way to cope with life’s ups and downs.

I am offering you an opportunity to chat to me for FREE to see how easy it is to ‘Design your own Transformation Program’ that will help you overcome years of unresolved issues and feeling ‘stuck’ …. to feeling fantastic transforming yourself as you quickly get your life back on track. Please click the FREE 15 minute phone call offer on the appointment scheduler  https://calendly.com/leigh-milne22/15min

Have you become so used to feeling OVERWHELMED with everyday STRESS, ANXIETY, UNRESOLVED EMOTIONAL ISSUES, REGRETS, PAIN, WEIGHT PROBLEMS, EXCUSES, UNHEALTHY HABITS & ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOURS that you feel WAY OFF TRACK…and don’t know how to get back on track ?

Are you sick of trying traditional methods to help yourself get back on track, but just seem to be getting nowhere?


…..that don’t respond to traditional medical or psychological intervention, who are stuck…off track…stressed, emotionally overwhelmed, unhealthy, overweight, disconnected from their body, struggling to connect intimately with themself or their partner, who are in emotional or physical pain, suffering….

I use evidence-based practice and mind body medicine tools to address cognitive, emotional, behavioural, physical, sexual difficulties and unresolved issues of the mind, body and spirit. I help people to restore their health, harmony, happiness and sensual potential.



“Putting trust in someone else again, was huge for me. I loved that your confidence in what you do and the way I felt supported and not judged by you, gave me trust and really allowed me to feel safe to get out of my head and feel what my body was asking for” SR.

“stunned, amazed that I could get so much pleasure out of this….is there a more powerful word than ‘Uber’ bliss” Anon.

“I have now had a chance to digest fully this morning’s session and wanted to say a big thank you for facilitating and holding space for me. that was an awesome session that took me deep inside myself, thank you. Namaste :o) “

“Although I felt exhausted from releasing all that emotional crap from the past….I feel much more open, relaxed and calm”. Anon.

“I got to say hello again to a part of me that has not been visited in a long time, and one which I forgot how much pleasure I could derive from…..I can describe the feeling as a reawakening”. Anon.

” the session reminded me of my previous breathwork that I had used years ago with martial arts, so I really enjoyed it, and could see the connection between using the somatic techniques to get me’out of my head and into my body’. SM

Brilliant, professional care Leigh is brilliant, I had a phobia that was starting to affect my everyday life, and with her guidance and professionalism, I have overcome my greatest fear. I recommend Leigh to anyone that needs guidance, confidence building etc. Lisa Z.

hypnotherapy Works!. Leigh diagnosed my symptoms & treated me successfully for stress & anxieties that have accumulated over many years. My GP referred me to Leigh & since her intervention, my blood pressure is on the way down & my Wife says I’m a better person. Thanks Leigh, Geoff.

Changes from the inside. I found that I began to think differently about things. Changes happened without me noticing then I would look back over the week and realise that I do think and feel differently now. It really has helped me to move forward in my life and it just happened. I didn’t have to ‘work’ at it. The changes came from within. Vicki G.

Quit smoking I have been smoke-free For just over 11 months now and feeling the best I have felt in about 20 years! I had tried several times to quit smoking and never lasted! Seeing Leigh has changed my life and I highly recommend her to everyone! I would be interested to see her for Other treatments in the future. Vanessa

Superior skills With my hand on my heart, I can say that Leigh has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. She is warm, approachable and extremely knowledgeable. M D.

I obtained through Leigh’s sessions a more clear perspective mind that wants to achieve Leigh was able to organise my messy all over the place thoughts into in “filing cabinet” in my head so that I could function further as a contributing member of society and have goals of my own and then the ability to achieve these goals over a period of time. Thank you Leigh! Christelle T

Good experience positive experience. Genuine, helpful practitioner So incredibly beneficial I’ve found clinical hypnosis so helpful. I was able to let go of fears and anxiety around building my business and also dealing with family challenges. Leigh is fantastic at what she does and I’ve recommended her to clients and friends who have also had wonderful results. Thank you Leigh 🙂 Christie C.

Since seeing Leigh, I have been more at peace with myself and others around me. I am calmer in my thoughts, beliefs and practices, which my family and friends have noticed. Leigh was amazing. Kind, calm, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. I was very nervous at first but she made me feel at ease straight away

Remarkable Leigh has made dramatic changes in my psyche in just 3 visits… changes I’ve tried to make for 50 years I can’t thank her enough K.

“Hi Leigh I am still exercising on a regular basis and I am astounded by my new ability to say NO to a lot of things- which has never been my strong point up until I started my sessions…..” Tom. Driller

“I made the call to your office because I had lived with a totally irrational fear of flying, this I had lived with for some years, with it starting to affect my career, something had to change….. After a lengthy discussion on the phone my scepticism, turned to curiosity, during the session I wondered if was fully understanding the work you did, following the session I felt strangely a little emotional. The days following the work you did, I drifted in and out of confidence of it working- But booked to fly to a remote mine site (in very bad weather as it turned out). Three times our little nine seater plane tried to land before heading home. But I did it! I am now booked to fly to Perth this week also, a trip I would always have made by car! The next problem is deciding where to go on holiday, South America, South Africa and New Zealand are all calling! Thanks Leigh, you have an amazing talent, and would very highly recommend you to others”.

Steve Manager.

“I have lost 14kg since beginning the Virtual Gastric Band Program in December last year. I’m not getting hungry between meals, and I find it relatively easy to avoid eating my problem foods such as chocolate which used to be my favourite food. The main change to my diet has been the reduction to my portion sizes. I feel more positive and definitely more comfortable with my new shape. The Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis has been my saviour. I have found this lifestyle/weight loss journey the easiest of all those I have tried – and there have been a few. I’m very grateful for all the vouchers, they will come in very handy. Thanks for everything.…”Nerissa A. Office Manager, Business owner Kalgoorlie

“Eureka! Yes I got through my blood test without even flinching, no cold sweat, no shaking, no fainting, no losing it with the nurse!!!!!! I was even pulling jokes and laughing with the nurse like you said I would. My wife is happy that she can stop nagging me about my check up, but she is not happy because it means she finally gets to book the holiday I promised her…she is afraid of flying haa! I have told her to book in and see you and hurry up about it as flights are on sale at the moment haa haa…….” All the best RJ. Business Owner Esperance

“Your work has been amazing!!! I’m absolutely loving the results. I now crave healthy fresh food and I’m put off by junk food/heavy carbs. I’m training 3 times a week and I have dropped 5kgs so far. I’m happier, I have more patience and I have more energy. I am more confident.” Regards Marie and Andy

“Hi Leigh, Just letting you know that I climbed to the top of the frame at the top end of town straight after my session with you. I would have to say that I was amazed…in fact it was a weird feeling not ‘feeling’ anything at all other than amusement as I’m looking over the edge at the drop below. I wasn’t even jelly legged when I climbed down. Thanks heaps.” R. Process Technician

“I have had to go into a medical centre twice since I saw you, once to sit with my partner and once for a pre-work drug and alcohol check. The first time my brain kept asking why I was not panicking , which was a weird sensation, knowing that normally I would be, the second time I did not even give it a minutes thought, I was laughing and joking with the guys in the medical centre. Not only that- I feel calmer going into any meeting/appointment, even non-medical ones. Thank you so much for all your help.” Lou.

“I came to to see Leigh in desperation! I was unable to sleep due to stressing and drinking excessively, to drown out my fear of speaking. I had worked my way up into senior management over the years, but despised the constant meetings. In fact I had considered passing up promotion on numerous occasions due to the terror and incompetence I felt talking to a room full of people. Surprisingly, after the first session, my terror and trepidation had been transformed into a blank numbness, leaving me wondering what the problem was in the first place. After the second session, I was actually looking forward to participating in a healthy debate and in fact contributed some worthwhile ideas without being concerned if they were rejected. Two months on I would have to say that I now consider my participation in meetings as an enjoyable aspect of my job. Also, my health has improved as I am getting more sleep and I’m not escaping in the bottle anymore. Things are also more harmonious at home as I am much more relaxed in myself. I think your mp3 recordings have helped immensely with that too Leigh…thanks again. I highly recommend Leigh to anyone with a similar issue.” Cheers Richard D.

“I went to see Leigh about my obsession with chocolate and red wine, which was getting out of control. I noticed the difference to my cravings after 1 session and in fact stopped drinking so much coffee too. I have been using the mindfulness techniques which have also helped me to relax and be a lot calmer about the way I respond to things. I seem to be sleeping a lot better too”. Thanks heaps Mary-Anne B.”

Thank you for helping me to be mindful and present with my body and mind. I can look in the mirror and like what I see now. I no longer dismiss compliments given to me by my partner and friends. My relationship is much better now intimacy wise, because I feel good about him seeing me undressed….and well you know what happens after that lol. Anyway, up until I saw you it had been a long slow painful road being inside my skin. I use the body scan and mindfulness exercises you taught me, and they have helped me so much. I’ve even taught some of them to my friends. Thank you for making me feel beautiful and sexy again. Hugs Maria B.”