Stress Less Mind Body Medicine Embodiment Transformation Workshop

Overcome Stress with Mind Body Medicine Workshop

8 hour workshop in which you will learn about:

  • The stress response and how prolonged stress leads to absenteeism, poor work performance, addictions, weight issues, loss of libido, anxiety, ill health and ageing.
  • Learn self-hypnosis, breathing and self-soothing techniques to stimulate and tone the vagus nerve to create an instant calming response.
  • Learn about Embodiment. How to use your SENSES and pleasure scales
  • Learn about your FEELINGS & EMOTIONS. How to recognize them, accept them and sit with them
  • Learn about CONSENT. Giving, taking, serving receiving and allowing.
  • Learn mindfulness awareness so you can witness thoughts, emotions and notice areas of tension in your body.
  • Learn Stop & Replace Enhanced trance CBT so you can overcome old triggers and respond in healthier ways.
  • Learn Progressive muscle relaxation to melt away stress
    Learn visualisation to help you leave work at work so you can enjoy the rest of the day in a healthy way.
  • Learn to put yourself in a safe space in an instant.
  • Learn a simple Visual Kinesthetic Dissociation technique that you can use to clear old reactive fear, anger, resistance, lack of confidence, insecurity and anxiety.

Workshop can be done over 2 hours over 4 days one week a part, or 4 hours over 2 days 1 week apart or in one 8 hour workshop according to demand.