Psychosomatic Sexology

Psychosomatic Sexology deals with the mind and physical body in regard to sexual difficulties, sexual trauma, sensual potential & sexual enhancement.

I offer the following Psychosomatic Sexological TREATMENT PROGRAMS:


Typically 6-12 sessions depending on any sexual difficulties that need to be addressed first

This program is for women and couples who would like to overcome their sexual difficulties, revamp and discover their sensual potential & sexual connection.

2. Scar Tissue Remediation: Physical & Emotional.

Typically 6-8 sessions.

This program is for women who Women who have experienced traumatic labours, miscarriages, terminations, gynaecological interventions, cosmetic surgery, sexual abuse, and upsetting sexual experiences, resulting in physical and emotional scarring from the experience. They may have experienced, dissociation or disconnection from the awareness of their body, in order to cope with the pain and trauma. This may have resulted in lack of bonding with their baby, post-natal depression, loss of libido, loss of sensation in the area of the scar, numbness, fear, pain, low self-esteem, self loathing and inability to enjoy sex or sensory pleasure.

Mind Body Medicine taps into the wisdom of the body where the pain / numbness / lack of sensation is stored. Psycho (psycho meaning mind) Somatic (somatic meaning body) psychosomatic sexological bodywork provides a non-judgmental space in which a client has agency of consent in which to feel safe. It provides a non-agendered space to invite supportive therapeutic touch or witnessing presence from the therapist in order to attend to physical scars, and release unresolved emotion issues. The therapist then teaches embodiment tools which allow the client to feel empowered to discover and enhance their sensual potential.