Explore Your Sensual Potential 2-4 sessions recommended

In my role as a Psychosomatic Sexologist, I am always saddened and amazed at the number of women who:

think that their genital configuration is abnormal….

  • have never experienced an orgasm
  • ….let alone multi-orgasm, or orgasm only from one part of their genitals
  • have never experienced an orgasm with their partner
  • don’t masturbate
  • have never examined their genitals
  • are embarrassed or ashamed to be seen or heard by their partner when having sex or foreplay
  • find their sexual organs shameful, disgusting, dirty.
  • feel nothing at all….feel numb
  • are too afraid, shy or embarrassed to ask their partner for what they want sexually, erotically, sensually
  • don’t know what they want sexually, erotically, sensually

This Transformation program is designed for women who have not had the blissful opportunity to explore, examine and connect with their genitals and their capacity for arousal, pleasure and orgasm.

You will learn sexological education, breath, arousal, tantric, somatic  and orgasmic yoga techniques that will unhook and weaken unhealthy beliefs and learned responses about your genitals and capacity for pleasure. You will learn to discover, strengthen and expand new neural pathways to pleasure and sensory bliss that transform the way you think about, feel and experience your genitals, your body, your femininity and intimate interactions with your partner.

This program consists of orgasmic yoga homework, worksheets to fill in, hypnotic audio mp3’s to listen to and video to watch.

2-4 Sessions recommended.

When you have completed this 1. Explore You Sensual Potential Transformation Program, you may like to step up to more advanced work, either on your own or with your partner. The 2. Enhance Your Sensual Potential Program works a bit deeper once you have learned to connect with and trust your true self to let go of inhibitions and really feel comfortable exploring more into the pleasure zone enhancing your sensory and erotic arousal.