Overcome Sexual Difficulties

This Transformation Program addresses a large range of sexual difficulties.

If you are suffering from major psychological trauma / abuse / emotional overwhelm issues, then the Scar Remediation Emotional / Physical will be the best treatment for you.

This program will help you to get out of your head, so you can relax and manage any sexual difficulties, even if they are affecting functioning, you can still learn to enjoy the sensory stimulation and sexual interaction with yourself or your partner.

You will learn to let go of the shame, frustration, embarrassment and negative association with poor sexual performance and create new healthy neural pathways that promote pleasure, erotic arousal, confidence, and intimate connection with yourself and your partner.

You will use sexoogical education, embodiment techniques, breath, mindful awareness and hypno-psychotherapy to navigate through difficulties toward sensory arousal, expansion, enhancement and control.  It is always best to address sexual difficulties first, before doing the sensual potential transformation program.