Scar Tissue Remediation Emotional & Physical

SESSIONS 4-8 required

Women who have experienced traumatic labours, miscarriages, terminations, gynaecological interventions, cosmetic surgery, sexual abuse, and upsetting sexual experiences, can end up with physical and emotional scarring from the experience. They may experience, dissociation or disconnection from the awareness of their body, in order to cope with the pain and trauma. Sometimes this results in lack of bonding with their baby, post-natal depression, loss of libido, loss of sensation in the area of the scar, numbness, fear, pain, low self-esteem, self loathing and inability to enjoy sex or sensory pleasure.

Mind Body Medicine taps into the wisdom of the body where the pain / numbness / lack of sensation is stored. Psycho (psycho meaning mind) Somatic (somatic meaning body) psychosomatic sexological bodywork provides a non-judgmental space in which a client has agency of consent in which to feel safe. It provides a non-agendered space to invite supportive therapeutic touch or witnessing presence from the therapist in order to attend to physical scars, and release unresolved emotion issues. The therapist then teaches embodiment tools which allow the client to feel empowered to discover and enhance their sensual potential.

Traumatic events naturally trigger a primitive freeze, flight or fight response. When this becomes overwhelming, the brain becomes overwhelmed and shuts down to cope. Instead of being able to logically process these events, when the brain shuts down, the emotions and feelings become locked in our tissues at a cellular level.

At an emotional level, we always hold a ‘story’ around our scar which often has never been shared intimately, especially if we have been told we are just imagining or exaggerating any pain or discomfort about it. Psychosomatic sexological bodywork and embodiment techniques, bring awareness to those areas where the emotions have been locked into the tissues, helping the client to give presence to it, giving it a voice to release it’s story. Once the emotion / feeling is felt, accepted and released, sensation can be restored and any chronic pain can be diminished and managed and pleasurable sensations enhanced, which can be deeply healing to a client.

SCAR TISSUE REMEDIATION (Working with scar tissue using Castor Oil and Castor Oil Packs)

In a world where feeling your body is not a high priority, the loss of sensation from scar tissue is accepted as normal. Sexological bodyworkers have noted that clients with scar tissue, have a significant loss of sensation and erotic impairment in and around the scar tissue. The good news is that massage on the scar tissue–especially with castor oil–can bring back sensation. This is for any scars on the body from abuse, disfiguration, accidents and wanted or unwanted surgery……


At a physical level, any physical damage, for example; episiotomy, internal scarring from suction, forceps, sexual abuse, prolapse, is attended to by the body as fibroblasts quickly try to repair damaged tissue, which can leave internal or external physical scarring. Over time the ability to nourish the damaged scar tissue with blood and lymphatic fluid is diminished and the nerve activity compromised. This results in loss of sensation, even numbness. Scar tissue remediation can help alleviate this and restore sensation, particularly to those areas that were previously highly sensate, arousable erectile tissue.

Organic castor oil will soften up scar tissue quickly and break up collagenous adhesions faster than other oils. It contains ricinoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Research suggests it also has properties that break up the collagen bonds in scar tissue. Castor oil also seems to mobilize lymphocytes.

Mobilizing lymphocytes will aid the body in reducing inflammation. Inflammation drives the formation of adhesions, AKA scar tissue. Passive castor oil packs allow sufficient amounts of castor oil into the interstitial tissues to complete the process started by manual scar tissue work. Miracles happen with castor oil during massage of scar tissue, including inter-vaginal application and massage.

Sessions are dependent on your need and level of consent. They involve scar tissue remediation, emotional release work, a variety of instructive modalities, including breath work, movement, mindful body awareness and sensation states, getting in touch with and expressing emotions, needs and desires, foundations of touch, consent, active receiving, genital mapping, and Orgasmic Yoga coaching.


Release of withheld limiting emotions such as: grief, sadness, anger, betrayal, guilt, shame, embarrassment, loneliness, unworthiness, defectiveness. Inadequacy, Powerlessness, helplessness, confusion, self-hate fear

Typical restoration and enhancement of: pleasure, sensation, arousal, orgasmicity, intimacy, connection, bonding, trust, consent, boundaries, femininity, acceptance, body awareness, passion, confidence, self-esteem, desire, libido, fun, intuition, excitement and self-love.