Sensual Spirit Transformation Program 8 or 12 sessions


This program is for women 8 SESSIONS and couples 12 sessions depending on any sexual difficulties that need to be addressed first.

It is a combination of 1 Explore Your Sensual Potential & 2. Enhance Your Sensual Potential in addition to clearing any sexual difficulties.

It is possible to train your conscious and subconscious body and mind to become multi-orgasmic. Sexological Embodiment practice involves weakening old neural pathways and creating new neural pathways and strengthening them, which takes time to create mastery and enhanced orgasmicity.

This Transformation program will really teach your body/mind to seek and enjoy the dopamine and oxytocin reward from sensual, sexual and erotic touch and play. You will learn to get as much pleasure and intimate connection even from imagining the reward.

  1. Explore Your Sensual Potential Transformation Program is designed for women who have not had the blissful opportunity to explore, examine and connect with their genitals and their capacity for arousal, pleasure and orgasm. It will help you to learn how to connect with and trust your natural erotic true self, allowing you to let go of inhibitions and feel safe to explore your arousal and sensual potential
  2. Enhance Your Sensual Potential Transformation Program is designed for women to do individually or with their partner. It allows you to delve deeply into your pleasure zone to enhance and expand your sensory erotic arousal and orgasmic potential within yourself and with your intimate partner

You will learn:

  • sexological embodiment techniques that will unhook and weaken unhealthy beliefs and learned responses about your genitals and capacity for pleasure.
  • sexological education, and genital mapping
  • up-regulating breaths and body movements to supercharge your orgasmicity
  • and down-regulating breaths, to control your point of no return.
  • You will learn arousal, tantric, somatic and orgasmic yoga techniques that will knock your socks off.
  • You will learn to get out of your head and distracting thoughts and discover exactly what your body and heart genuinely wants and needs
  • You will learn boundaries and consent.
  • You will learn your yes response and your no response to pleasure and intimacy.
  • You will learn to discover, strengthen and expand new neural pathways to pleasure and sensory bliss that transform the way you think about, feel and experience your genitals, your body, your femininity and intimate interactions with your partner.

Why is sex, sensuality and orgasm so profoundly important to your health and longevity? Releasing feel good chemicals such as Oxytocin, dopamine and seretonin has an amazing ability to combat the damage from stress and has many benefits to your health and wellbeing which help you lose weight and improve the quality of your life. Learning how to enhance your mojo with tantric breath, movement, sound and somatic body techniques that teach your body how to release lots of oxytocin and feel good chemicals naturally will do more than put a smile on your face :o).

Have you noticed when you are stressed or anxious, you lose interest in sex. Procreation is one of those unnecessary functions that get shut down in the fight or flight response when you are running or fighting any perceived threat. When this happens over a period of time, you actually train your neural circuitry to disconnect from that part of the body; to numb sensory pleasure; to shut down and shut off arousal and sexual response. I teach women and their partner’s specific mind body medicine tools to overcome sexual difficulties, reawaken sensual multi-orgasmic potential, explore the Big ‘O’, and enhance intimate quality connection.

Clinical hypnosis, Psychotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Breathwork, Sexological bodywork & Education, tantric, breath, movement & sound education, Mindfulness and pleasure awareness,genital mapping, orgasmic yoga coaching, wheel of consent & boundaries.